Sunday, July 31, 2011

A grey metal door in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn becomes the backdrop to a haunting image.  The pink outline pops with striking contrast against the deep red fill of one of the late 20th century's great villains.  One of my favorite elements of the 'Collaboration' series is the subtle use of the 3rd dimension.  The lock and its shadow on the left, like a small pendant or necklace, adds a unique contrast and texture to the composition while reminding the viewer that the image is more than just a flat wall.

Monday, July 11, 2011

An archeological dig where pinks and sepia tones collide with greens and textures as an image of an old street reemerges from the background.  This is an unusual find in the way that the wheat pasted image of the street scene is being revealed behind multiple layers.  Rare because the emerging subject highlights the inter-play between our sense of time, history, progress and nostalgia. 

A beautiful subject in and of itself.  Every once and a while a piece really stands out alone.  But to illustrate the concept of an Unwilling Collaboration" these pieces occupy an environment that is beyond control of the artist.    Still at the very early stages of what I would consider a true "collaboration", the continuity of the surrounding color palette joins the subdued expression of the main subject.  There is a hidden menace within the eyes seen through a face that expresses quite resignation echoed in the grey tones of the background and shadows.