Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sometimes it is just about layers, depth, color and texture.  This was found near a loading dock on the edge of Williamsburg and Greenpoint of Norman Ave. around 2003. The exhaust from the trucks have built up over time turning safety red into a moody smokey canvas.
Another photograph of a photograph. This image is one of my favorites because the color of the background.  It was on a construction barrier painted blue but the plywood was soaked from a weeks worth of rain.  Just the right clouds and sun cast shadows and brought out a blue that was normally never there. There's even a few jellyfish floating outside of the picture frame.  The red paint pen mark by LEETO gives you a better sense of the proper color correction.  This photo was taken on the corner of Bedford and Grand St. in Williamsburg right at the beginning of the big gentrification push. 2004cr.

Jesus Saves Peanuts

A photograph of a photograph. This image lives in all its glory as a large format metallic print on aluminum.  A perfect example of layering with rust and neon green screens on the windows, tags and torn edged stickers leaving their marks and a lovely fading memory of a Lucy and Charlie Brown moment.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The museum around us:  

Every street a masterpiece every bathroom the Louve. Poping red and gold blazes on a delicate background of interlaced greys.  Complex patterns blend with ramdom texture providing unintentional depth to every compositon.  

We are surrounded by life and encased in action.  Even the very structures of our world are moving and changing one layer at a time.